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Many organisations value the ability to use our consultancy packages to draw on our consultant’s expertise to guide them through any glitches they may experience that prevent them from achieving their goals.

Our team of consultants have considerable experience and range of expertise to help you with your concerns or support needs. If you’re unsure how accessible or inclusive you are, our team can provide evaluations, reviews and advice to find the answer.

If you choose one of consultancy packages our team will be at your disposal by phone, email or can work with your teams on-site to support you with the help you need.

Our consultancy can include but is not limited to;

  • Digital accessibility auditing

  • Digital accessibility testing workshops

  • Accessible Design Audit & Training

  • Mobile Native Auditing

  • Assistive technology architecture, integration and troubleshooting

  • Accessible communications workshop

  • Accessible documentation creation & training

  • Accessible procurement policy creation

  • Laws and Standards Course

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