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Accessible by design – Audit & Training

Accessible design is essential in all of its aspects….from signage to posters to comms. Read more about what you can do to ensure your products and services are designed accessibly.

We will look at designing with accessibility in mind for the digital age. Examining some practices related to code, design principles, user research, usability testing, planning and implementation.

The truth is that one size does not fit all when it comes to accessible design. We cannot create experiences for everyone; however, we can create experiences that people can access. 

Thinking about users and their needs whether they are in a classroom or in a workplace using your digital product, there is a way to accessibility meet their needs.

We will:

  • Practice the core accessibility standards and principles in Digital Design and how to apply it.

  • Monitor and evaluate digital content to accessibility standards.

  • Know how to define disability.

  • Learn how to design for accessibility in each product cycle.

Software Accessibility

Destek audit to ISO 9241-171:2008 which provides ergonomics guidance and specifications for the design of accessible software for use at work, in the home, in education and in public places. It covers issues associated with designing accessible software for people with the widest range of physical, sensory and cognitive abilities, including those who are temporarily disabled, and the elderly.

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