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We’re passionate about disability equality!

Andrea Kennedy has worked in the Accessibility and Assistive Technology industry for over 25 years and went on to set up Destek with Co-owner Mehmet Evsen supported by their dedicated team of consultants, trainers and testers to offer a whole host of bespoke or off the shelf solutions to remove barriers that people with disabilities may experience in the digital world.

Destek work with organisational departments such as ICT, Marketing and HR teams to make digital products accessible such as web, mobile or native applications with accessible technical or design auditing and consultancy. 

At Destek we don’t believe in keeping our skills to ourselves and so make sure that every organisation we work with is given the skills to provide a fully accessible service or product, through knowledge sharing, developmental procedures or organisational policies.

If you have a project in mind, contact us start your accessibility journey.

Client Testimonials

Department of Education logo

Department of Education

“When we embarked on our ambitious modernisation programme to provide over 4,000 Surface devices across the Department, it was clear that we needed help if we were to provide our users with the help and support that they would require. We were looking for a company who had previous experience with Office 365.

One who was familiar with the assistive technology we use and could train our users in the current versions, providing them with written guidance.A company with the skills to be able to help us troubleshoot and resolve the technical problems that we would inevitably come across.

And someone who had contacts in the industry to call upon if we were struggling to find the answers.  Most importantly we wanted someone who was easy to work with and could be relied upon to deliver an excellent quality of service. Destek provided all those things and more!  Comments from the users have included phrases like “a breath of fresh air” and “nothing was too much trouble”.

They are a very professional company who have imparted so much knowledge to us and introduced us to useful contacts in the private sector.”

Jane Dickinson – Process Coordinator & Accessibility Software Advisor, Department for Education

Natural Resources Wales logo

Natural Resources Wales

”NRW is committed to making all reasonable adjustments for staff who have a range of accessibility issues and require help from assisted technologies.  Processes have been put in place to support this work but we do not have the necessary specialist knowledge or experience to fully assess the issues that need to be addressed or provide the appropriate training support.  The contract with Destek has been put in place to support this work.

We’ve worked with Destek since 5 they have provided us with a broad range of accessibility services, including auditing ie. Office 2016 and the upcoming change to Windows 10, training individuals to make sure that they get the best out of the applications they use, all of which are delivered to very high standards of professionalism. They have developed guidance for us on Inclusive communications and Colour Deficits in the Workplace.

Destek staff are approachable, professional and friendly and always go out of their way to help us with our queries no matter how big or small. They work closely with us to address our needs, providing us with detailed information, guidance, support and training on accessibility.”

Bethan Williams – Wellbeing Advisor, Natural Resources Wales

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