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Destek Accessible Technology Solutions

Do you want to ensure your services and products are fully inclusive but don’t know where to start? With a wide range of services all under one roof, our experts will ensure all your digital products, services, and environments are accessible to all.

Let us help you build a disability inclusive business!

Are your products or services accessible to everyone? You would like to assume they are but what if they are not?

Did you know that roughly 15% of the global population has a disability?  Businesses that trade internationally are missing out on significantly more potential customers with disabilities, that around a billion people worldwide!  That is a huge population that may not be able to access your products or services. Let us work with you and assist your on disability inclusive journey.

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Accessibility Myths

Wow, this is so wrong.  As we mentioned above, there is around 1 billion people worldwide that has a disability. That’s a huge segment of the worlds population.  That’s also a tremendous market share that you are missing out on.

Creating an accessible website is not particularly expensive if you factor in accessibility from the start.  Also, your app or service may also be subject to disability laws.  In which case it may be more costly not to make it accessible!

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